A fantastic card guidance reading to help us get through the 2020 coronavirus quarantine and pandemic!

As some readers may know, I use the Osho Zen Tarot Deck for readings, and apply Rider-Waite meanings when guided. I recently did a guidance card pull for myself, and quickly realized that the reading is great overall advice for ANYONE who is struggling with this life-changing and historic time. Many people are going through change on all levels, and lives have been turned upside-down. Here is a plan to focus on:

  1. Change (X-The Wheel of Fortune)–I feel intuitively guided to take this card exactly as it’s titled in the Osho Zen Tarot Deck: change. If I had to pick one word to sum up this whole time, this would be it.
  2. Playfulness (Page of Wands)–this card encourages us to be creative, overcome fear, come up with solutions, and go in a new direction!
  3. Guidance (3 of Pentacles)–this card encourages us to coordinate with others as a group, work as a team; it has to do with planning and following a schedule (which is so important right now).
  4. Mind (Knight of Swords)–this card I interpreted the Osho Zen way. The card itself shows a head filled with mechanisms, smoke, and chaos. It reminds us to calm and clear our minds, and ground ourselves.
  5. The Miser (4 of Pentacles)–this card reminds us not to cling too much to old habits or situations that no longer work for us. It points to the importance of challenging our individual control issues, and the different ways we might block or resist change!
  6. Clinging To The Past (5 of Cups)–this card overlaps with the previous to again point out an easy-to-fall-into mental mind space that we must resist, having to do with sadness, depression, and a scarcity mentality. This card has to do with a personal feeling of loss, which many may be dealing with at this time.
  7. New Vision (XII, The Hanged Man)–this card points us to the experience of being suspended in time, looking within, breaking old patterns and transforming. It encourages us to look for a new perspective.
  8. Letting Go (8 of Cups)–this card supports us in walking away from what no longer works for us in our lives, whether it be a job, relationship, or addiction. It’s signals a time of inner change and releasing old patterns.
  9. Beyond Illusion (XX, Judgement)–this card confirms new beginnings, an awakening, transition, an end that brings about new beginnings and follow an inner calling!
  10. Existence (I, The Magician)–this card reminds us ‘as above, so below’. We all have the ability to change and shape our lives to meet our highest ideals and best selves. It encourages us to take action and empower ourselves as we tap into our fullest potential and capabilities!

I encourage you all to continue exploring the card meaning is you feel called. Just know that there is an end to this, and the key is to focus on our personal healing and transformation, in order to move forward in a new way and expression of ourselves. As always, I send you love and peace, and may you be safe and well!

Time to bloom

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