A Prophetic Flashback, and Calming Your Mind

I found this piece of writing today, written on 2/1/2016:

“Now is the time to be calm.

Sometimes total panic hits me. I suppose it’s the combination of the following: the house stuck in escrow limbo, money funds at rock bottom, huge life change of full-time rv’ing on the horizon (as rv ‘virgins’, no less), oh, and let’s add in some depression, grief, mid-life crisis and peri-menopause to boot.


When panic hits me, I can’t help but also think about the state of the world right now. How I see anger—no, rage—in people’s voices and actions, particularly when it has to do with politics. And people’s rights, as they see them.

But what about the rights of people? Even if, especially if, you consider them to be: less than you, dirty, stupid, sinful, slothful? Is that why people don’t care about what’s happening and what happened in Flint, Michigan? Is this the ultimate example of racism?

Or is it that the world just moves too damn fast nowadays? It seems as though we’re all under such a barrage of stimulation (on all levels) that we forget about things almost immediately after they happen. That we’re numb to things, on many levels.

Except for anger, of course. So, let me ask you—if you’re not upset about Flint, why not?”

So interesting.  Just as applicable today, for different current but no-less-important current events.

The importance of having a Calm Mind is not going away, indeed, it’s more important than ever.  One habit that everyone can cultivate (yes, that means you Dear Reader) is a daily 2 minutes to sit in Peace.  Clear Your Mind.  Slow Your Heart.  You get the picture!

And it’s easy to start.

  1.  Sit somewhere
  2. Set a timer (start with whatever increment you can do–2 minutes can seem like an eternity when you’re starting out.  I think 30 seconds should be the minimum, though)
  3. Clear your mind as best you can (different things will work with different people; I like imaging wind blowing through my ears with my breath and taking the thoughts with it)


That’s it!  So simple, yet complicated.  Good Luck!


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