A Story of True Love in Wyoming

A Story of True Love in Wyoming

An old man—a fellow RV’er—died of natural causes at an RV Park that Chris and I stayed at recently while traveling through Wyoming. I don’t know too many details, as I didn’t know him, but I believe he was said to have had heart problems.

I approached Trent, the 70(ish) year old man who was the Park Host, to check in with him. I felt compelled to. Chris and I had chatted with Trent when we first arrived at the park—he told us that he had come down from Oregon to host in this park after his wife died. I immediately felt a rush of affection for him, as I could tell that he was a sweet man.

He said that the death had brought up emotions concerning his wife Cassie’s death, and we talked for a bit and had a touching conversation. He missed her greatly, and how he enjoyed being married. He reflected his wife’s slow death from cancer, and how she refused to say that she was anything but fine, even though he could tell the pain that she was in.

He told me how he had met her, saying he made a ‘spectacle of himself’…and it’s such a good story!

He was engaged to be married, and that particular woman broke up with him while away fighting the war in Vietnam via a ‘Dear John’ letter. After returning to the States, he was about to get back together with her when he saw a striking brunette one night while roller skating. At the last skate song, she approached him and his friend, and asked if one of them would like to skate.

Seeing as his friend already had his skates off, Trent accepted. He and Cassie were skating, and he was trying to show off a bit. Skating backwards, he looked her in the eyes and BOOM! He went down. Once back up on his feet, they resumed skating until he looked her in the eyes again. You guessed it—BAM! On the floor. And it even happened a third time, after which he told himself that he just couldn’t look her in the eyes for the rest of the song.

And they were together after that, for many years of marriage, staying with him through the flashbacks he experienced from the horrors of war.

He said that he Cassie had made him promise to start dating again within the year of her passing. He told me that his first date (a blind date) was in a couple of days. He didn’t really want to go, but would, because he always keeps his word.

I encouraged him to go and try to stay open to things; perhaps frame the date in such a way as to gain a woman friend, rather than a romantic partner. After all, I said, it’s always nice to have a bit of woman’s company!

He agreed. We wished each other well as we make our individuals ways through the world.

I hope that his blind date went well. I’m sure that Cassie blessed it in her own way from The Beyond!

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