Always Moving Forward: The Importance of Successful Habits!

My recent decision to stay put in Sedona for awhile, while rewarding and ‘right’ on many levels, has also been somewhat trying.  But that’s not to say it’s a bad thing, at all.  Just a little Hard, which just reminds me of that Truth--‘ain’t nothin’ worthwhile comes Easy!So Be It.

This Mercury Retrograde (along with the Pluto and Neptune Retrogrades, come to think of it) has me Re-Assessing Who I Am, as well as Who I Want To Be In The World.

These are Important Things, but what’s possibly even More Important?  The Energy, or Drive to actually DO THE THINGS that you feel make you All That You Are!  Sitting around and planning / dreaming is one thing, getting out into the world and DOING it is another.

You know what’s Helpful in this Regard?  A Few tasks and Habits that I consider to be ‘Success Quallities’:

  1. Doing what’s necessary to support having good, regular bowel movements.  Yes, this is funny, smirk if you must, I get it–but it’s also important for you to be moving nutrients into and toxins out of your system.  If your poops aren’t ‘up to par’, then do necessary research to tweak your diet or add nutritional supplements to help you get there (healthy stuff, please!).
  2. Drinking lots of water.  And I mean LOTS compared to what the average person drinks.  They say you should have AT LEAST 8 cups of water (and make sure it’s good, and alkaline…here’s a good video to get more info on that: ). I try hard to drink a lot of water, and I’m still dehydrated much of the time!
  3. Listening to Inspiring / Uplifting / Soothing music!
  4. Brushing / Flossing your teeth.  This is NO JOKE.  I once heard from a girl who was dating a dentist that it’s more Important to Floss regularly than it is to Brush.  In other words, it’s super important!  Research proper and healthy ways to floss, too (hint:  your floss should ‘cup’ and bend kind of around each side of the individual tooth, and then slide it up and down).
  5. Exercising.  Whatever this is to you:  stretching, doing 80’s aerobics, lifting small weights, walking, biking, etc.  Sitting on a chair and moving your body to Music, if necessary (what I call ‘Chair Dancing’.  Just move your body, right?
  6. Clean / Organize when you can.  It just FEELS good after it’s done, and there’s plenty of Info out there (including Feng Shui stuffs) that support the fact that you’ll feel better energetically in a space that isn’t dragging you down.  Now, this means different things for different people, and That’s O.K.  Tip:  would you feel Ashamed if someone suddenly ‘dropped by’ for a visit, or if someone Important to You saw your living environment right now?  Then pick up a bit until it passes the test!

These are ALL Success Qualities, my Friends, and I encourage you to try them out and make them Habits.  I will continue to do the same!



xo TKS


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