Daily Morning Prayers

Here are a few of my regular prayers that might be helpful to you too! Yes, they can be quite wordy, but it feels right and it doesn’t take that much more to say it, so there ya go! Enjoy.

Morning Prayers:

1) Dear God / Universal Energy, Thank You for all of my many blessings. Please bless me and only allow in energy that is for my Highest Good and the Highest Good of All, my Most Benevolent Outcome and Most Benevolent Outcome for All, on all levels of my being, known and unknown, past, present, future and beyond, in the original definitions and intentions of the words. Thank You, Blessed Be, Amen.

2) Dear God / Universal Energy, please protect me and keep me safe from anything that intends me harm or would cause me harm on any of my levels of being, known and unknown, past, present, future and beyond, in the original definitions and intentions of the words. Thank You, Blessed Be, Amen.

3) Dear God / Universal Energy, please let all actions, reactions, energy and information that comes to me and through me be grounded and surrounded in energy for the Highest Good of All, Most Benevolent Outcome for All, in the original definitions and intentions of the words. Thank You, Blessed Be, Amen.

Praying, grounding and surrounding with love

How Do You Want to Create your Life?

This is a post to help get you Thinking about the Energy that accompanies you as you go through Life–it surrounds each and every One of Us, and is there for us to Harness in a proactive way.  It all starts with being Conscious of it!

As we move through the World, we create and receive Waves and Ripples of Energy coming out from ourselves, and others.  Do you wish to Affect the environment, or have it Affect you?  Own your own world–create what you want!

I mean, think about it.  You’re standing in line at the grocery store, and it’s taking an extra-long time.  A group of ladies up front are attempting to use a savings card, but can’t properly remember that phone number that it’s registered under, and there’s 3 other people waiting before you.  When your groceries are being checked, the credit card software is taking a long time, and the cashier is harried and stressed.  How can you react?  With frustration, adding to the negativity?  Or with a breath and a shrug, knowing that she’s doing the best she can.  Technology isn’t always quick and easy.  Let her know that you Feel Her Pain, and that it’s no big deal!

Try to best to not honor Negative Emotions like Anger, Jealousy, and of course, Fear.  Breathe into more light and Positive feelings, or, if that’s not possible, Nothing–just clear air between your ears!  Imagine a breeze sweeping out unwanted thoughts, and Be the Leader of Your World!


xo TKS


Always Moving Forward: The Importance of Successful Habits!

My recent decision to stay put in Sedona for awhile, while rewarding and ‘right’ on many levels, has also been somewhat trying.  But that’s not to say it’s a bad thing, at all.  Just a little Hard, which just reminds me of that Truth--‘ain’t nothin’ worthwhile comes Easy!So Be It.

This Mercury Retrograde (along with the Pluto and Neptune Retrogrades, come to think of it) has me Re-Assessing Who I Am, as well as Who I Want To Be In The World.

These are Important Things, but what’s possibly even More Important?  The Energy, or Drive to actually DO THE THINGS that you feel make you All That You Are!  Sitting around and planning / dreaming is one thing, getting out into the world and DOING it is another.

You know what’s Helpful in this Regard?  A Few tasks and Habits that I consider to be ‘Success Quallities’:

  1. Doing what’s necessary to support having good, regular bowel movements.  Yes, this is funny, smirk if you must, I get it–but it’s also important for you to be moving nutrients into and toxins out of your system.  If your poops aren’t ‘up to par’, then do necessary research to tweak your diet or add nutritional supplements to help you get there (healthy stuff, please!).
  2. Drinking lots of water.  And I mean LOTS compared to what the average person drinks.  They say you should have AT LEAST 8 cups of water (and make sure it’s good, and alkaline…here’s a good video to get more info on that:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElUgttLExaw ). I try hard to drink a lot of water, and I’m still dehydrated much of the time!
  3. Listening to Inspiring / Uplifting / Soothing music!
  4. Brushing / Flossing your teeth.  This is NO JOKE.  I once heard from a girl who was dating a dentist that it’s more Important to Floss regularly than it is to Brush.  In other words, it’s super important!  Research proper and healthy ways to floss, too (hint:  your floss should ‘cup’ and bend kind of around each side of the individual tooth, and then slide it up and down).
  5. Exercising.  Whatever this is to you:  stretching, doing 80’s aerobics, lifting small weights, walking, biking, etc.  Sitting on a chair and moving your body to Music, if necessary (what I call ‘Chair Dancing’.  Just move your body, right?
  6. Clean / Organize when you can.  It just FEELS good after it’s done, and there’s plenty of Info out there (including Feng Shui stuffs) that support the fact that you’ll feel better energetically in a space that isn’t dragging you down.  Now, this means different things for different people, and That’s O.K.  Tip:  would you feel Ashamed if someone suddenly ‘dropped by’ for a visit, or if someone Important to You saw your living environment right now?  Then pick up a bit until it passes the test!

These are ALL Success Qualities, my Friends, and I encourage you to try them out and make them Habits.  I will continue to do the same!



xo TKS


My Love of Mother Tree

My husband and I lost a dear friend of our family some time ago, and in many ways I’m still grieving the loss. This friend is not human, however, or even animal. We had to have our beautiful redwood tree removed from the backyard, by order of our neighbor. This redwood tree was known to me as Mother Tree (and because of this, throughout the article I will refer to the tree as ‘she’).

Yes, the neighbor did have a point—Mother Tree’s roots were negatively affecting her backyard (my husband and I researched the situation thoroughly), but that knowledge didn’t help make the process of removing her any easier.  This tree was like a personal friend to me; with a healing energy that was always welcome and uplifting. I would lay in a hammock and stare at her branches—their movement in the wind—and the birds fluttering about within them and singing their songs.

In my sorrow, I emailed a friend and talked about the situation. It turns out, she had

gone through something similar—having to have a tree removed—and had done a shamanic journey about it. She wrote that she was shown that the Trees are always connected in

Spirit, even if they’re not visible to us. That their “…Spirit and Roots are always present with their wonderful and loving energies”.

She then suggested doing an Honoring Ritual with Mother Tree, in order to show her how much I am grateful for all she’s given me, and to give her a gift to show my appreciation. The gift can be simple, such as a flower or feather. The intention was the important thing—stating my gratefulness and love.  She also suggested taking a piece from Mother Tree to The Grove of the Old Trees, located near Occidental in Northern California. “It would be part of a nice resting place for Her and an honor to Her and also planting Her Seed for Renewal”, she wrote.

This protected grove of redwood trees is the “only privately-owned preserve in Sonoma County that is publicly accessible and free to all”, and through the persistent efforts of many organizations including Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Save-The-Redwoods-League (as well as private individuals), the “property will be retained for perpetuity as a forest preserve, a place for public access appropriate to the site, ecological research, field science education and as a living remnant of the forests that once covered much of the northern California coast” (http://landpaths.org/propertyexplorer/grove-of-old-trees.aspx).

So, to honor Mother Tree, I decided to do just what my friend recommended. I certainly didn’t want to be at the house when her removal was happening, anyway. I wasn’t able

to access a pine cone easily, or anything from a branch, so I ended up picking up a small green frond that I found on the ground, and taking that with me.

It was difficult for me to find the place. My GPS had steered me wrong originally, taking me past open pastures and around a mountain, until the road finally ended after crossing a wooden bridge and seeing “No Trespassing” signs. I turned around and tried a different approach, the second time being successful—but it wasn’t easy to get there, through winding and narrow roads.  Which feels fitting, in its own way. Like those who approach and enter the Grove should pass some sort of test of character.

Upon finding and entering the Grove, it’s like walking into a church. The air seems to be of a special clarity and quietness, and I feel transported to a place beyond time. Surrounded by all of these majestic trees, I placed the frond near the base of one that called to me, one I deemed ‘Grandmother Tree’. I memorized the location, should I come back some day.

To me, it doesn’t really matter if the frond grows or not. I don’t know enough about horticulture to know if it even has a chance of growing; what matters most to me is the ritual of it. It matters to me to honor our redwood tree as a Being that positively affected the world, my world.

Rituals are done the world over, in every culture throughout time. They are done for a number of reasons, including honoring, prayer, and celebration, and they may be so ingrained into your habits that you are unaware that what you’re doing can even be a ritual. A habit can become a ritual if a bit of consciousness is added to it; I see that it’s the intent behind it that makes it a ritual.

We can all do daily rituals in our lives, though you may not think of them as such: taking a shower before work in the morning, for instance, or even something as mundane as drinking a cup of tea. Drinking tea can be one of many simple rituals to connect with your Spirit, even while sitting at your work desk. Bring the warm liquid to your face, feel the steam, smell the sweet aroma, and take a few moments to breathe in goodness. Be thankful for it.

So let us take comfort in our rituals, whether they be large or small, for they help to keep us spiritual.

Back and Raring To Go!


These past few months have been a whirlwind of travel and an ever-deepening evolution into the Empath Life!  It’s been ultimately very good, though difficult!  Why is it one of Life’s great mysteries that we get so much benefit only AFTER making it through personal challenges?  Well, at least there’s much to be grateful for when we end up with that, as the positive evolution

does, in the end, make it all worth it.

I’m excited to be based in Sedona, AZ for the future, and am looking forward to offering my many gifts to those who are seeking.  Seeking what exactly?  Well, Clarity.  Inspiration,  Freedom from Fear.  Enlightenment.  Healing.

I’m proud to announce a new Healing Experience that I’ll be offering in the near future, based on Facing Your Fears.  It came to me and through me while at the Creative Life Center in Sedona, AZ, and changed my life.  Who do I know it’ll work with others?  Because it worked with me!

Stay tuned; Thank You!

Have Fun and Be Safe,

Blessed Be,


The Underbelly

The Underbelly

The underbelly of the beast must be seen to be dealt with.

The slimiest, dirtiest, most filthy part must show itself.

Though foul, it is also softly vulnerable.

And there, in the underbelly, a way in.

The heart.  It’s near.  It’s there.

A place where Love can enter.


After the Election


As an Empath, this has been hard. I’ve felt the anger, the sickness and the tears emanating from many.  My ‘antennae’ are picking up overwhelming anxiety. Just now, as I’m sobbing in front of my altar, my husband Chris came and held me. Our cat Booie (always sensing when I’m ill) came and sought me out, too, and the three of us sat together.

“Are you going to be O.K.?” Chris asked as he got up.

I thought about it. That question was deep.

And I realized, I will always believe in the Light, and in Good. Always.

And for the Whole of my Life, if I act according to what my mind (critical thinking, not just instinct), heart and soul are saying, then I’ll be O.K.

No one will ever be able to take away the Light. Ever. Now it’s just a matter of learning how to shine brighter…

That is all.



Daily Astrological Horoscopes from AstrologyBear.com!

I’ve been preparing for my newest spiritual business venture (see below)!  It means (by and large) I will not be available for Intuitive Guidance Services for a bit until I get the following properly launched, leveled off and flying steady.

The News–I received a literal and figurative calling–to do daily astrological horoscopes!  The call from my brother arrived on September 25th (Jupiter aligned with the Sun), and when I heard the opportunity my whole body rang with conviction.  I knew I was meant to do it, even though I am (to my mind) still a student of Astrology–could I even do it?

Diving in as best I can, I must say, so far so good.  The zodiac wheel ‘talks’ to me, and I listen.  As hard as it’s been, sort of learning as I go, it’s immensely rewarding too!

Look it up:  www.astrologybear.com

Try a free weekly trial at:  www.astrologybear.com/trial

Thank You!

xo TKS



Fear Itself

Today, I was again reminded of my Path as an Empath, and how important it is to monitor my energies. My biggest (I want to say problem, but also want to re-frame it to something more positive) obstacle to being more peaceful is this fear I have. It’s generally pretty low-lying and in the background of my every day operations, but there.

And now, more often than not, my Fear needle stands pretty high on the meter. Sometimes it’s just the overwhelm of again being in another strange new place, different in geography, culture, and weather.

I can get scared, and paranoid. And thinking this way, as well as getting myself out of it as best I can, can be exhausting (I hope to do a post on this soon).

The thing is, I know better than anyone that sometimes the Energy of the place is a bit twisted, and the people around may be in lower energy fields. I know better than anybody how it can affect me.


Today I figured, “If I’m never going to not be scared of  Everything, I might as well always be not scared of Anything.”

Make a double negative a positive!

So, today I do my best to start re-programming myself (perhaps another post on this as well?)! I’ll keep you posted, reader.

Wish me luck!


A Story of True Love in Wyoming

A Story of True Love in Wyoming

An old man—a fellow RV’er—died of natural causes at an RV Park that Chris and I stayed at recently while traveling through Wyoming. I don’t know too many details, as I didn’t know him, but I believe he was said to have had heart problems.

I approached Trent, the 70(ish) year old man who was the Park Host, to check in with him. I felt compelled to. Chris and I had chatted with Trent when we first arrived at the park—he told us that he had come down from Oregon to host in this park after his wife died. I immediately felt a rush of affection for him, as I could tell that he was a sweet man.

He said that the death had brought up emotions concerning his wife Cassie’s death, and we talked for a bit and had a touching conversation. He missed her greatly, and how he enjoyed being married. He reflected his wife’s slow death from cancer, and how she refused to say that she was anything but fine, even though he could tell the pain that she was in.

He told me how he had met her, saying he made a ‘spectacle of himself’…and it’s such a good story!

He was engaged to be married, and that particular woman broke up with him while away fighting the war in Vietnam via a ‘Dear John’ letter. After returning to the States, he was about to get back together with her when he saw a striking brunette one night while roller skating. At the last skate song, she approached him and his friend, and asked if one of them would like to skate.

Seeing as his friend already had his skates off, Trent accepted. He and Cassie were skating, and he was trying to show off a bit. Skating backwards, he looked her in the eyes and BOOM! He went down. Once back up on his feet, they resumed skating until he looked her in the eyes again. You guessed it—BAM! On the floor. And it even happened a third time, after which he told himself that he just couldn’t look her in the eyes for the rest of the song.

And they were together after that, for many years of marriage, staying with him through the flashbacks he experienced from the horrors of war.

He said that he Cassie had made him promise to start dating again within the year of her passing. He told me that his first date (a blind date) was in a couple of days. He didn’t really want to go, but would, because he always keeps his word.

I encouraged him to go and try to stay open to things; perhaps frame the date in such a way as to gain a woman friend, rather than a romantic partner. After all, I said, it’s always nice to have a bit of woman’s company!

He agreed. We wished each other well as we make our individuals ways through the world.

I hope that his blind date went well. I’m sure that Cassie blessed it in her own way from The Beyond!