Back and Raring To Go!


These past few months have been a whirlwind of travel and an ever-deepening evolution into the Empath Life!  It’s been ultimately very good, though difficult!  Why is it one of Life’s great mysteries that we get so much benefit only AFTER making it through personal challenges?  Well, at least there’s much to be grateful for when we end up with that, as the positive evolution

does, in the end, make it all worth it.

I’m excited to be based in Sedona, AZ for the future, and am looking forward to offering my many gifts to those who are seeking.  Seeking what exactly?  Well, Clarity.  Inspiration,  Freedom from Fear.  Enlightenment.  Healing.

I’m proud to announce a new Healing Experience that I’ll be offering in the near future, based on Facing Your Fears.  It came to me and through me while at the Creative Life Center in Sedona, AZ, and changed my life.  Who do I know it’ll work with others?  Because it worked with me!

Stay tuned; Thank You!

Have Fun and Be Safe,

Blessed Be,


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