Developing tools and habits as an Empath-Breathing, Releasing, and Chakras!

As a newly-conscious Empath, I’m learning more and more the importance of doing grounding, clearing, and balancing techniques in order to stay sane.

I’ve known for a long time that I’m an Empath, but somehow, inexplicably, I’ve always ‘forgotten’ about it for (sometimes) months at a time, until my abilities no longer allowed me to forget.  It’s now 100% in my face, constantly, and I have had to do a crash course in learning about how to balance my energies.

I experienced a quickening in my abilities once my husband and I sold our house and started full-time RV’ing.  I was experiencing quite a lot of discomfort with noise and empathing negative energy, which caused me to seek help online.  There, a found a post in which it was suggested to release to Christ Light and Love. 

Now, I have never been ‘into’ Jesus or Christianity (I am ‘spiritual but not religious’, as they say), and personally I have a theory that the word itself is very powerful, resonating with good energy.  What I do know is that doing that, saying to myself, “Dear God/Universal Energy, I release [all that is against my Highest Good and the Highest Good of All] to you and Christ Light and Christ Love”, helped me.  So frankly, I don’t really care about the specific semantics of it, I care about the result, which is balance. shinebright

One calming technique (and I believe a ‘clearing’ technique as well) to do in conjunction with that statement is breathing.  A funny thing started happening to me about a year or so ago…my Eustachian tubes starting opening up when I breathe very methodically–I can do it by will, really.  It allows me to experience a feeling almost like being underwater, or like wind blowing through my mind.  It’s very interesting, and it’s liking a calming ‘air purifier’ for myself and all around me.  It’s a major way in which I calm myself and/or stressful situations down.

Another thing that I try to keep on top of are my chakras.  I had forgotten all about them for months, and remembered about their existence when I had my Big Quickening/Enlightenment.  Even though I’m not thoroughly knowledgeable about them (yet), I knew enough to close them down for some rest, and whew, boy!!  Immediate relief was felt (remember if you do ‘close them down, always keep the top of the head/crown/7th chakra at least a little open for divine wisdom–even if it’s just a bit–and don’t keep the other 6 chakras closed for too long a time…that will cause imbalance by itself).    Just visualize your chakras as circles, or flowers, or mandalas, whatever works for you, and they can open or close to any degree by your decree in words/thoughts/visualization. chakramessges

Hope this helps someone else who was struggling like myself!!

Let me know if you have questions, and Thank You for reading this!

xo Tracy


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