Fear Itself

Today, I was again reminded of my Path as an Empath, and how important it is to monitor my energies. My biggest (I want to say problem, but also want to re-frame it to something more positive) obstacle to being more peaceful is this fear I have. It’s generally pretty low-lying and in the background of my every day operations, but there.

And now, more often than not, my Fear needle stands pretty high on the meter. Sometimes it’s just the overwhelm of again being in another strange new place, different in geography, culture, and weather.

I can get scared, and paranoid. And thinking this way, as well as getting myself out of it as best I can, can be exhausting (I hope to do a post on this soon).

The thing is, I know better than anyone that sometimes the Energy of the place is a bit twisted, and the people around may be in lower energy fields. I know better than anybody how it can affect me.


Today I figured, “If I’m never going to not be scared of  Everything, I might as well always be not scared of Anything.”

Make a double negative a positive!

So, today I do my best to start re-programming myself (perhaps another post on this as well?)! I’ll keep you posted, reader.

Wish me luck!


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