Art, Writing & Music

Besides being a talented HSP / Intuitive Guide / Astrologer, I’m also a writer and artist. Many of my paintings are currently in storage in Northern CA; Chris and I are planning a trip this winter 2019 to go collect them and bring them to my new art studio on our off-grid property in Bisbee, AZ!

Here are some paintings that are available for download (some of the canvases are available for sale; please contact me for more information).  Each image has been filled with healing Reiki energy, and has been set with the intent of assisting with the Highest Good and Most Benevolent Outcome for All.  Feel free to meditate on the artworks!

A few of my artworks that were featured at the Sedona Artist Market in Sedona, AZ!

I’m currently working on shopping around a fantasy middle grade chapter book as well as a couple of children’s books to literary agents, and am also enjoying the experience of writing poetry as well.  In addition, I have other pet projects that I’m interested in completing that recount specific life-changing and healing experiences that I’ve had while in Sedona. One has to do with healing and transforming persistent fear and anxiety, and the other has to do with drawing Love into your life!  So you can look forward to upcoming news about these.

I also enjoy stand-up improv, singing, songwriting, and playing my djembe drum (named ‘Beauty’).

For now I ask you to stay tuned! 😉


Composed by Chris Huelsbeck
Additional Djembe Performance and Solo Vocal by Tracy Sheppard

“Mission Accomplished”

Composed by Chris Huelsbeck
Solo Vocal by Tracy Sheppard