Art, Writing & Music

Besides being an Intuitive Guide, I’m also a writer and artist.

My latest writing projects include:  a (free for now) downloadable booklet “The Way To Self-Love!” describing my experience of it and information that can help!  It’s an extremely important aspect of having a life of health, wealth, and wholeness, and I encourage you to read it!  The second one details my experience of healing myself through broken relationships and manifesting my husband, soul mate, and what one would call a Twin Flame:  “Bring Your True Love Twin Flame To You!”.

These paintings are available for free download.  Each image has been filled with healing Reiki energy, and has been grounded and surrounded with Light, Love, and Energy for the Highest Good and Most Benevolent Outcome for All!  Feel free to meditate on and with the artworks:

From Left:  “The Angel’s Wing”, “PASSION”, and “Remember To Choose Love”


Composed by Chris Huelsbeck
Additional Djembe Performance and Solo Vocal by Tracy Sheppard

“Mission Accomplished”

Composed by Chris Huelsbeck
Solo Vocal by Tracy Sheppard