How Do You Want to Create your Life?

This is a post to help get you Thinking about the Energy that accompanies you as you go through Life–it surrounds each and every One of Us, and is there for us to Harness in a proactive way.  It all starts with being Conscious of it!

As we move through the World, we create and receive Waves and Ripples of Energy coming out from ourselves, and others.  Do you wish to Affect the environment, or have it Affect you?  Own your own world–create what you want!

I mean, think about it.  You’re standing in line at the grocery store, and it’s taking an extra-long time.  A group of ladies up front are attempting to use a savings card, but can’t properly remember that phone number that it’s registered under, and there’s 3 other people waiting before you.  When your groceries are being checked, the credit card software is taking a long time, and the cashier is harried and stressed.  How can you react?  With frustration, adding to the negativity?  Or with a breath and a shrug, knowing that she’s doing the best she can.  Technology isn’t always quick and easy.  Let her know that you Feel Her Pain, and that it’s no big deal!

Try to best to not honor Negative Emotions like Anger, Jealousy, and of course, Fear.  Breathe into more light and Positive feelings, or, if that’s not possible, Nothing–just clear air between your ears!  Imagine a breeze sweeping out unwanted thoughts, and Be the Leader of Your World!


xo TKS


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