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I’ve been preparing for my newest spiritual business venture (see below)!  It means (by and large) I will not be available for Intuitive Guidance Services for a bit until I get the following properly launched, leveled off and flying steady.

The News–I received a literal and figurative calling–to do daily astrological horoscopes!  The call from my brother arrived on September 25th (Jupiter aligned with the Sun), and when I heard the opportunity my whole body rang with conviction.  I knew I was meant to do it, even though I am (to my mind) still a student of Astrology–could I even do it?

Diving in as best I can, I must say, so far so good.  The zodiac wheel ‘talks’ to me, and I listen.  As hard as it’s been, sort of learning as I go, it’s immensely rewarding too!

Look it up:  www.astrologybear.com

Try a free weekly trial at:  www.astrologybear.com/trial

Thank You!

xo TKS



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