Intuitive Guidance & Astrology

I am gifted. I have the talent of detecting important underlying information. I can give you new insight into what can be done to positively improve a troubling situation or obstacle / yourself / a personal or professional project / your home or work environment/ etc. I can give you clarity, as well as concrete steps to for you to take to live an ultimately happier, more peaceful and satisfying life.

You see, I’m a clairsentient, claircognizant and clairaudient Empath, and since I’ve re-discovered and truly accepted these abilities, my way is clear.  I am now committed to my best blessed and balanced life, while also striving to be of service and having a positive contribution to others.  This led me to become an Intuitive Guide/Life Navigator and Astrologer. MY METHODS are a mix of any and all of the following (depending on your specific situation):

  • Intuitive Psychic/Empathic Information
  • Clearing Techniques; Physical and Emotional
  • Divination Tools:  pendulum, cards and/or runes
  • Astrology
  • Reiki
  • Feng Shui wisdoms
  • Goal Setting/Confidence-Building Exercises

I know that I can help others get clear, clear out obstacles, heal negative situations, and more!  I will also teach you practical ways of healing/changing/clearing things to help ensure your continued positive results in Life!

I charge $80 / hr for guidance sessions w/written follow-up (this can be pro-rated, and the session can be done long-distance, by Skype, phone or other), and $130 for a natal chart consultation and write-up (Free 15-minute Phone, Skype, or In-Person Consultation Session available upon request).

Contact me directly–we will start shifting your situation right away (if you are a self-saboteur, the idea of that will likely scare you away.  Don’t let it.  Change can be scary, but oh, so worth it)! That’s what we all want, isn’t it?  And really, aren’t you worth it?*

My new Astrology website for daily horoscopes

*If your first response to the question posed above is ‘No’, or a ‘stuck’ vibration, please contact me for my guidance services—you are in more need of me/them than you might think!

Help you help yourself break through obstacles and achieve positive results!