Intuitive Guidance & Astrology

I am gifted. I have the talent of detecting important underlying information. I can give you new insight into what can be done to positively improve a troubling situation or obstacle / yourself / a personal or professional project / your home or work environment/ etc. I can help to give you clarity, as well as concrete steps to for you to take to live an ultimately happier, more peaceful and satisfying life.

You see, I’m a clairsentient, claircognizant and clairaudient Empath, and since I’ve re-discovered and truly accepted these abilities, my way is clear.  I am now committed to my best blessed and balanced life, while also striving to be of service and having a positive contribution to others.  This led me to become an Intuitive Guide/Life Navigator and Astrologer. MY METHODS are a mix of any and all of the following (depending on your specific situation):

  • Intuitive/Empathic Information
  • Clearing Techniques; Physical and Emotional
  • Astrology
  • Reiki/Energy Healing
  • Feng Shui wisdoms
  • Goal Setting/Confidence-Building Exercises
  • Ho’oponopono (Hawaiian Prayer of Forgiveness)

I know that I can help others get clear, clear out obstacles, heal negative situations, and more!  I will also teach you practical ways of healing/changing/clearing things to help ensure your continued positive results in Life!

 Listen to my podcast “RVE For The HSP”, read my downloadable booklets, and stay tuned for informative videos covering a wide range of healing topics!