“Morning Prayer”

Here is a great prayer that I’ve come up with, that blesses Everything, Everywhere.  It is my most current one, and, I think, very satisfactory in its effect on Oneself and All.  I am grateful to have ‘downloaded’ it from God/Universal Spirit/Source Energy!  xo

“Morning Prayer”, written by Tracy Sheppard

Dear God, Universal Energy, Universal Spirit, Source Energy, (etc.),

Thank You for All That You Are, and All That You Do.

Please bless me and keep me safe, please bless ___ (list however many names as you like, whether person or animal, etc.) and keep them safe, please bless and keep safe of all of my family, friends, and loved ones–whether they be Up in Heaven, Here on Earth, or in/on another plane of existence.

In addition to the people and beings that I know and love, please bless and keep safe all my neighbors, known and unknown, and all of the people in this town/city.  And not just the citizens of this town/city, but also the whole state.  And not just people of this state, but the whole country.  And not just people from this country, but people from all countries and continents everywhere across the globe.  And not just people; please bless and keep safe all animals, vegetables, minerals.  All of the land and earth.  And not just land, but all air and water, too.  The whole planet over and through, please bless everything, and the whole planet itself.  And not just this planet, but all planets in our galaxy.  And not just our galaxy, but all galaxies everywhere, and the whole Universe and everything in it, past, present, and future, to the far reaches of all that is, was, or ever will be, known and unknown.  Please bless them/it all and keep them/it safe.

Please help me Be and Stay Calm, Centered, and Grounded today.

Please help me Say and Do All the things the lead to a Most Benevolent Outcome for All Concerned, including myself.

Please help me realize and utilize all of my talents and abilities for a Most Benevolent Outcome for All, and the Highest Good of All.

Please help me have Inner Strength and Happiness, Inside and Out, on All of my Levels of Being.

Please help me have a Healthy and Balanced relationship with my Fears and Addictions.

And please help me help myself with these things, and more.

Thank You for All of my Many Blessings, Past, Present, and Future!

(Bend in honoring)

Thank You,

Amen/Blessed Be,

(Blow Kiss)

Blessed Be

–Tracy Sheppard

*You may use this prayer and reprint it, etc. with written credit given to me, Please and Thank you!

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