Moving Forward; Loving Sedona!

I’m excited to announce my new Chapter in Life:  staying put in Sedona, AZ for a bit while I start off my new career ventures:  offering Intuitive Guidance and Life Navigation through my Empath Services, as well as continuing to offer Daily Astrological Horoscopes through a sister website (

I’m also diving into offering Healing and Helpful energies through my art and published writings, soon to be available online and through my workplace the Sedona Artist Market!

This is a wonderful time for me, as I’ve struggled trying to figure out my true vocation (which includes Who I Am and How I Can Positively Contribute to the World), and now that I finally know I can move forward with it!

Come walk my path with me; I’m happy for the company!  🙂

Stay Tuned!


One Reply to “Moving Forward; Loving Sedona!”

  1. Tracy,
    I am so excited for you that you found your calling. What an exciting new adventure. Although I have only been to Sedona once, I felt a strong energy force when I was there and do plan on going back some day. Perhaps it’s the vortex, or just the great people who live there. Either way, I am very happy for you.

    Take care my friend and keep in touch.


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