RV Empath podcast!

I’m excited to announce my daily (at least for now) M-F podcast called “RVE For The HSP”! RV Empath is one of my biz names on Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

The term ‘HSP’ refers to Highly Sensitive Person, of which there are many, and many people continue to realize and acknowledge their innate sensitivities! I am here to help y’all along to the highest expression of it in your individual lives, and out in the world!

Giving and receiving good calming / balancing information is very important right now, as the world is currently under a never-before-experienced (at least in our lifetimes, and never quite like this) worldwide pandemic and quarantine. It’s time out, people! And the world wants us to positively work on ourselves in order to get to our individual highest expressions, yes? So that when things start moving forward again, it can be in a higher overall vibration of things.

One way of doing that is to deal with working through FEAR when it rears its head (which is very likely now, as Pluto and Saturn have continued to be heavy hitters through 2020)! Please access my podcast (RVE For The HSP) 3/31/2020 episode for tips and infos concerning how to deal with and transform / dissolve fear!

In today’s podcast (4/1/2020), I talk about the importance of accessing the Fool Card’s energy and bringing that forward in our lives: it means moving forward with a fresh, inspiring and hopeful energy, in whatever small way you can. Continue with or start something new! Small steps count–you want to write an email to someone (whether personal, work, or otherwise) and feel blocked? Pull up the ‘compose email’ segment in your email account, and that could be enough. Maybe write a couple of sentences. The point is not to hold yourself to finishing it TODAY. Just start!

I wish and send you peace and love, and Thank You!

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