The Adventure of RV’ing!

What a wonderful gift and blessing this has turned out to be, though coming to the decision to be full-time RV’ers was difficult for my husband and myself.  Having never spent time in an RV before, we were unsure that we would be able to make such a huge lifestyle change–from the massive downsizing and sale of our house, to all of the unique and challenging aspects of traveling and maintaining a motorhome!

However, we could clearly see the pros outweighing the cons for this particular venture, and could feel the energetic pull towards it, so to speak.  Full-time RV’ing has given us the opportunity to: spend time in Nature, have a massive adventure, and become closer as a couple–in addition, it helped me to truly ‘find myself’, i.e., truly discover my Empath abilities…after only a few months!

Since June 2017, Chris and I’ve been staying in the Flagstaff / Sedona area in AZ.  He and I are navigating through an interesting time, as I’m now living in a largely ‘sticks-and-brick’ lifestyle (working at a local art market; subletting a studio), with his support–my awesome husband!  As I like to tell people: as long as you have Communication and Commitment (as a couple) your relationship can work.    I’m grateful to be here, and to stay with the Sedona Energies indefinitely. Now we’ll be taking shorter trips to the surrounding areas both separately and together; continuing the adventure!

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