After the Election


As an Empath, this has been hard. I’ve felt the anger, the sickness and the tears emanating from many.  My ‘antennae’ are picking up overwhelming anxiety. Just now, as I’m sobbing in front of my altar, my husband Chris came and held me. Our cat Booie (always sensing when I’m ill) came and sought me out, too, and the three of us sat together.

“Are you going to be O.K.?” Chris asked as he got up.

I thought about it. That question was deep.

And I realized, I will always believe in the Light, and in Good. Always.

And for the Whole of my Life, if I act according to what my mind (critical thinking, not just instinct), heart and soul are saying, then I’ll be O.K.

No one will ever be able to take away the Light. Ever. Now it’s just a matter of learning how to shine brighter…

That is all.



Daily Astrological Horoscopes from!

I’ve been preparing for my newest spiritual business venture (see below)!  It means (by and large) I will not be available for Intuitive Guidance Services for a bit until I get the following properly launched, leveled off and flying steady.

The News–I received a literal and figurative calling–to do daily astrological horoscopes!  The call from my brother arrived on September 25th (Jupiter aligned with the Sun), and when I heard the opportunity my whole body rang with conviction.  I knew I was meant to do it, even though I am (to my mind) still a student of Astrology–could I even do it?

Diving in as best I can, I must say, so far so good.  The zodiac wheel ‘talks’ to me, and I listen.  As hard as it’s been, sort of learning as I go, it’s immensely rewarding too!

Look it up:

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Thank You!

xo TKS



Fear Itself

Today, I was again reminded of my Path as an Empath, and how important it is to monitor my energies. My biggest (I want to say problem, but also want to re-frame it to something more positive) obstacle to being more peaceful is this fear I have. It’s generally pretty low-lying and in the background of my every day operations, but there.

And now, more often than not, my Fear needle stands pretty high on the meter. Sometimes it’s just the overwhelm of again being in another strange new place, different in geography, culture, and weather.

I can get scared, and paranoid. And thinking this way, as well as getting myself out of it as best I can, can be exhausting (I hope to do a post on this soon).

The thing is, I know better than anyone that sometimes the Energy of the place is a bit twisted, and the people around may be in lower energy fields. I know better than anybody how it can affect me.


Today I figured, “If I’m never going to not be scared of  Everything, I might as well always be not scared of Anything.”

Make a double negative a positive!

So, today I do my best to start re-programming myself (perhaps another post on this as well?)! I’ll keep you posted, reader.

Wish me luck!


A Story of True Love in Wyoming

A Story of True Love in Wyoming

An old man—a fellow RV’er—died of natural causes at an RV Park that Chris and I stayed at recently while traveling through Wyoming. I don’t know too many details, as I didn’t know him, but I believe he was said to have had heart problems.

I approached Trent, the 70(ish) year old man who was the Park Host, to check in with him. I felt compelled to. Chris and I had chatted with Trent when we first arrived at the park—he told us that he had come down from Oregon to host in this park after his wife died. I immediately felt a rush of affection for him, as I could tell that he was a sweet man.

He said that the death had brought up emotions concerning his wife Cassie’s death, and we talked for a bit and had a touching conversation. He missed her greatly, and how he enjoyed being married. He reflected his wife’s slow death from cancer, and how she refused to say that she was anything but fine, even though he could tell the pain that she was in.

He told me how he had met her, saying he made a ‘spectacle of himself’…and it’s such a good story!

He was engaged to be married, and that particular woman broke up with him while away fighting the war in Vietnam via a ‘Dear John’ letter. After returning to the States, he was about to get back together with her when he saw a striking brunette one night while roller skating. At the last skate song, she approached him and his friend, and asked if one of them would like to skate.

Seeing as his friend already had his skates off, Trent accepted. He and Cassie were skating, and he was trying to show off a bit. Skating backwards, he looked her in the eyes and BOOM! He went down. Once back up on his feet, they resumed skating until he looked her in the eyes again. You guessed it—BAM! On the floor. And it even happened a third time, after which he told himself that he just couldn’t look her in the eyes for the rest of the song.

And they were together after that, for many years of marriage, staying with him through the flashbacks he experienced from the horrors of war.

He said that he Cassie had made him promise to start dating again within the year of her passing. He told me that his first date (a blind date) was in a couple of days. He didn’t really want to go, but would, because he always keeps his word.

I encouraged him to go and try to stay open to things; perhaps frame the date in such a way as to gain a woman friend, rather than a romantic partner. After all, I said, it’s always nice to have a bit of woman’s company!

He agreed. We wished each other well as we make our individuals ways through the world.

I hope that his blind date went well. I’m sure that Cassie blessed it in her own way from The Beyond!

Thank You, Burning Man!

I must confess right off the bat that at first I was more than a little uncertain about the Heart of Burning Man this year.

This was my 6th time going to this unique community experience and festival. My previous years attending were ’98, ’99, and 2000, with not choosing to go again until 2014, ’15, and now ’16.

Out of all of the previous times I’ve gone, this was the first time I’d been genuinely worried that Burning Man will have ‘jumped the shark’ for me—that the essential energy and ‘magic’-ness will have been snuffed out through the ‘newbies’, party people, and yes, materialism and greed.

The first time that I was truly concerned about my personal experience of it; that even though I might keep a stiff upper lip and a hopeful outlook, that I would ultimately leave the event—possibly early—disappointed, frustrated, and more than a little heartbroken.

The first time that I chided my fellow burners when posing One. At. A. Time. at a large rainbow-colored arch art installation:
“You can all come in at once, y’know! This art is meant to be interacted with, not posed with!”, etc. It frustrated me. All of the burners there (about 9 people or so—some couples, some singles) wanted to pose under this beautiful arch and had to do it alone, that is, with no one else (strangers) in the picture. If anyone else entered the area (like myself, which I did 3 separate times to interact with the sculpture—I wanted to touch it, stand there and breathe under it, look at it from up close, etc.) they would walk a few paces out of the area until it was empty again (i.e., after I had left ‘the frame’). Everyone was civil. Everyone was patient. And I assume, everyone loved their pictures. Ugh.

And I kept looking for the innate creativity, that was always so easy to find before. After all, everyone here is an artist; everyone’s a creator. I greeted others loudly as I rode my bike, in a cheeky British accent: “Well, hello there! Good morning/afternoon/evening to you!”, and, more often than not was met with a complete ignoring. Chris thought that perhaps they hadn’t heard me, but a lot of them did, I know it. I thought that they just didn’t care.

I was truly scared (for the first time) that the heart of Burning Man might be withering away; or that it could be in cardiac arrest, gasping for us all to give, give, give—not just take, not just consume, not just watch. I spoke about my fear with anyone who would listen: how can we sustain the ‘old-school’ Burning Man culture, if they keep allowing such a large amount of all-new people in each year? How can the New learn without Those Who Have Gone Before to teach them?

And then, I had my Burning Man Moment. Yes, it happened on Saturday, quite late in the week. The day of the Burn, and also the day I happened to have nosebleeds and diarrhea and needed to stay in the motorhome. But the Moment happened. And then another, and another. I felt better. I was infused with a new Energy, and it just kept comin’. I’m not going to go into details about my experience (at least not right now), but when you get a Burning Man moment you know. It feels Special, things are clear to you, and All is Right with The World.

And interestingly, enough, once this changed for me, my outlook changed. My health changed. My experience of Burning Man changed, and I was no longer frustrated with my fellow Burners! I was very content with Everything. I now have a deepened awareness and love of my life, and myself in it.

Burning Man has gifted me on all levels in so many ways over the years, particularly mentally and spiritually, and this year was no different. It will always be a spiritual mecca of sorts for me, far from the huge rave party that the rest of the world (and many burners, too) identify it as.

In leaving the Playa this year, I looked to the mountains, to the Playa, and whispered from my (thankfully) reformed lips, “Thank You, Burning Man, for All That You Are and All that You Do”.


Celebrate The Light!

“It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness” (Eleanor Roosevelt).

Light. So necessary for comfort, particularly in these trying times. Let’s all work on celebrating Light in all of its forms. One way we can do this is with candles!

Candles have a long history; states, “The Egyptians were using wicked candles in 3,000 B.C., but the ancient Romans are generally credited with developing the wicked candle before that time by dipping rolled papyrus repeatedly in melted tallow or beeswax. The resulting candles were used to light their homes, to aid travelers at night, and in religious ceremonies.”

In modern times, candles are still used very much in a way that would fall under the ‘religious ceremony’ category, as well as celebration of events, and achieving a cozy or romantic atmosphere.

But did you know that you can add ‘personal health and well-being’ to the list as well?

Firstly, something that’s important to be informed about (if you’re as of yet unaware): many of the candles on the market today are made of paraffin/petroleum, and the general consensus of many is that petroleum and chemically scented candles with lead wicks = dirty air/bad, natural based candles with vegetable oil and soy and beeswax = clean air/good.

Organizations such as The United States Environmental Protection Agency ( and The American Chemical Society ( have made statements after studies. Some other informative articles discussing this topic are:, and

But there’s hope! Vegetable based and soy waxes have the ability to burn clean, and beeswax candles are believed to help clean the air as they burn, emitting negative ions. “The scientific principle at work here is that a proper balance of negative ions bind with the positive ions, creating complete molecules which have a heavier weight mass and a balanced charge. Hence, the positive ions (toxins, dust, odors, etc.) no longer float, they simply fall to the ground” (

In addition to that amazing health benefit, candles can also help clear your mind. By using a simple technique of candle meditation, you can move yourself to a more calm, centered and balanced mental state. This, in turn, can have a positive effect on the atmosphere around you, as you will energetically change things by having changed your personal energy.

Even if you’ve never had any previous experience with meditation, all it is (in its simplest form) is a clearing of the mind of ‘residue’ of any thoughts and emotions. The candle seemed singularly gifted to help with this task—who hasn’t been completely transfixed by a flame—its colors, its heat, sound, and smell; the way it radiates?

Many people receive enormous benefits from ‘candle-gazing’, or concentrating/meditating while looking into a candle flame. Many regular participators experience positive side effects ranging from heightened manifestation abilites, to awakening their pineal gland.

However you choose to bring it into your life, this is an exercise that can meet you at any level. You can incorporate this into your life easily, in whatever way you choose, from the simplest action to relax and clear your mind, to a more intense yoga disciplined technique called Trataka (,

  • The candle should be placed about an arm’s length away from you, at eye level (if possible). Whether seated on the floor or in a chair, have good posture.
  • Being away from open drafts (having an environment that encourages a steady flame) is important. If desired, dim the lights. Take a moment to center yourself, and your breathing.
  • Gaze at at fixed point on the candle’s flame, and, as much as possible, try to not blink (this may be difficult at first; if your eyes start to water, close them and give them a rest).
  • After about a minute, close your eyes and concentrate on the ‘after-image’. As it begins to fade, you can choose to do it again, designing a discipline for yourself.

I’ve tried candle gazing for myself. It seemed to come to me fairly easily, as I was able to stare and not consciously blink for quite a long time, and, eventually, forget about the act of blinking/not blinking altogether. The world sort of faded out around me, and everything took on a blurry shade of gray.

I experienced something of a psychedelic effect, as the candle and its holder seemed to sink into the table and then move upward, as if the whole area were breathing. Another time I did it, the candle seemed to move in a circular motion (it’s best to be prepared for some possible optical illusions, so as not to become unnerved).

The whole experience left me feeling clear and vibrating with energy, and I plan on continuing to incorporate it into my life on a regular basis. Try it for yourself, and let me know how it goes!

Developing tools and habits as an Empath-Breathing, Releasing, and Chakras!

As a newly-conscious Empath, I’m learning more and more the importance of doing grounding, clearing, and balancing techniques in order to stay sane.

I’ve known for a long time that I’m an Empath, but somehow, inexplicably, I’ve always ‘forgotten’ about it for (sometimes) months at a time, until my abilities no longer allowed me to forget.  It’s now 100% in my face, constantly, and I have had to do a crash course in learning about how to balance my energies.

I experienced a quickening in my abilities once my husband and I sold our house and started full-time RV’ing.  I was experiencing quite a lot of discomfort with noise and empathing negative energy, which caused me to seek help online.  There, a found a post in which it was suggested to release to Christ Light and Love. 

Now, I have never been ‘into’ Jesus or Christianity (I am ‘spiritual but not religious’, as they say), and personally I have a theory that the word itself is very powerful, resonating with good energy.  What I do know is that doing that, saying to myself, “Dear God/Universal Energy, I release [all that is against my Highest Good and the Highest Good of All] to you and Christ Light and Christ Love”, helped me.  So frankly, I don’t really care about the specific semantics of it, I care about the result, which is balance. shinebright

One calming technique (and I believe a ‘clearing’ technique as well) to do in conjunction with that statement is breathing.  A funny thing started happening to me about a year or so ago…my Eustachian tubes starting opening up when I breathe very methodically–I can do it by will, really.  It allows me to experience a feeling almost like being underwater, or like wind blowing through my mind.  It’s very interesting, and it’s liking a calming ‘air purifier’ for myself and all around me.  It’s a major way in which I calm myself and/or stressful situations down.

Another thing that I try to keep on top of are my chakras.  I had forgotten all about them for months, and remembered about their existence when I had my Big Quickening/Enlightenment.  Even though I’m not thoroughly knowledgeable about them (yet), I knew enough to close them down for some rest, and whew, boy!!  Immediate relief was felt (remember if you do ‘close them down, always keep the top of the head/crown/7th chakra at least a little open for divine wisdom–even if it’s just a bit–and don’t keep the other 6 chakras closed for too long a time…that will cause imbalance by itself).    Just visualize your chakras as circles, or flowers, or mandalas, whatever works for you, and they can open or close to any degree by your decree in words/thoughts/visualization. chakramessges

Hope this helps someone else who was struggling like myself!!

Let me know if you have questions, and Thank You for reading this!

xo Tracy


“Morning Prayer”

Here is a great prayer that I’ve come up with, that blesses Everything, Everywhere.  It is my most current one, and, I think, very satisfactory in its effect on Oneself and All.  I am grateful to have ‘downloaded’ it from God/Universal Spirit/Source Energy!  xo

“Morning Prayer”, written by Tracy Sheppard

Dear God, Universal Energy, Universal Spirit, Source Energy, (etc.),

Thank You for All That You Are, and All That You Do.

Please bless me and keep me safe, please bless ___ (list however many names as you like, whether person or animal, etc.) and keep them safe, please bless and keep safe of all of my family, friends, and loved ones–whether they be Up in Heaven, Here on Earth, or in/on another plane of existence.

In addition to the people and beings that I know and love, please bless and keep safe all my neighbors, known and unknown, and all of the people in this town/city.  And not just the citizens of this town/city, but also the whole state.  And not just people of this state, but the whole country.  And not just people from this country, but people from all countries and continents everywhere across the globe.  And not just people; please bless and keep safe all animals, vegetables, minerals.  All of the land and earth.  And not just land, but all air and water, too.  The whole planet over and through, please bless everything, and the whole planet itself.  And not just this planet, but all planets in our galaxy.  And not just our galaxy, but all galaxies everywhere, and the whole Universe and everything in it, past, present, and future, to the far reaches of all that is, was, or ever will be, known and unknown.  Please bless them/it all and keep them/it safe.

Please help me Be and Stay Calm, Centered, and Grounded today.

Please help me Say and Do All the things the lead to a Most Benevolent Outcome for All Concerned, including myself.

Please help me realize and utilize all of my talents and abilities for a Most Benevolent Outcome for All, and the Highest Good of All.

Please help me have Inner Strength and Happiness, Inside and Out, on All of my Levels of Being.

Please help me have a Healthy and Balanced relationship with my Fears and Addictions.

And please help me help myself with these things, and more.

Thank You for All of my Many Blessings, Past, Present, and Future!

(Bend in honoring)

Thank You,

Amen/Blessed Be,

(Blow Kiss)

Blessed Be

–Tracy Sheppard

*You may use this prayer and reprint it, etc. with written credit given to me, Please and Thank you!

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Feeling the Fear, and Doing It Anyway!

My husband and I decided to sell our Petaluma home, buy a motorhome, and travel full-time!

This time in my Life, sufficed to say, has been full of change, and stress, and Fear.  To top if off, I am only just beginning to understand how to balance myself out in terms of my energy levels.  As much as I swore up and down that I would learn the ins-and-outs of the motorhome and drive it, it’s just not happening quite yet.  And (I regularly remind myself) that’s O.K.

As a matter of fact, sometimes I’ve been so overwhelmed during this process, that all I could do was breathe, and pray.  Yes, pray.

I almost have a visceral reaction to that word, as (in my mind’s eye) it’s deeply linked with religion.  But really, all you’re doing is imploring to a Higher Power–whatever it is that you connect with–Universal Energy, Spirit, Source, God, Goddess, All That Is Good, Love, Hope, etc.–and asking for help to get through it.  You don’t even have to believe in it, necessarily, just be willing to believe in it.

You can say, “I feel stupid doing this, and I don’t know who I’m talking to anyways, but here goes…”, and say this prayer, which is a quote from the author Anne Lamott:  “Help me.  Help me.  Help me.  Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.”

Say/think it, just like that in sets of threes, one after the other:  help me, help me, help me, thank you, thank you, thank you.

And I tell you, you will get through it!

Breathe.  And Pray.

photo of field near Santa Cruz, CA by Tracy Sheppard