Your G.U.E.S.S. is as good as mine!

What is the energy behind divine connection and spirituality? Guess!

G.U.E.S.S. = God / Universal Energy / Source / Spirit.

There are many different titles and words used to describe it, but basically, when it comes down to how to specifically describe the wondrous light and love at the core of everything, I say, “Your G.U.E.S.S. is as good as mine.” This saying can be taken a couple of ways.

First, it’s highlighting the understanding that we really don’t know what comes ‘after’ we die. People have different beliefs, and some have had actual experiences—for instance, some have died for several minutes and have come back to life. They are then able to describe their experiences, which oftentimes include bright white light and angels. However, it has been argued that because of the fact that our brains are under duress at such a time, the synapses that occur can give one all sorts of visions. That being said, the ones who experience such things say that they know what they know, and nothing can convince them otherwise. Which brings me back to the point that we don’t know, we can’t know, individually or as humankind, until we experience it ourselves!

Second, there are so many different religions and religious deities and figures, and just as many people insist that their religion is the only one. I tend to not think that there is ONLY one religion. I come from an ‘Omnism’ point of view, understanding that there are nuggets of truth, wisdom and grace in all religions, rather than all truths in one. Because there are so many names for this Universal Life Force, it can be argued that all religions are basically worshipping the same Energy that show itself in different ways. So the phrase, “Your G.U.E.S.S. is as good as mine,” is like saying that your God is no better than mine (as long, of course, as it’s all grounded in the Good / in Love).

As long as we are on this Earth and still living out this particular life, we won’t know for certain what comes in the ‘after’. So remember to stay centered in the fact that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes form, and that LOVE endures!

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