Hi there!

My artist name is TK 2point0, and welcome to my site!

I recently completed hormone positive breast cancer treatment last July 2019, and am now in remission. The experience was difficult on many levels, but I am absolutely the better for having had it! I’ve come out the other side a new and improved version of myself, and my artist name is meant to showcase this.

I’ve been an artist my whole life:  writing, painting, singing, drumming, stand-up comedy, etc. Seeing as art is all I ever want to do, I’m excited to announce my commitment in becoming a published writer, and successful painter (i.e., making money at it!), among other goals. I’m happy to bring you along for the ride, and share my different experiences with you.

Please feel free to peruse my website, which is filled with all sorts of art, experiences, and information. I hope you find what you seek:

–Are you a lover of “The Arts”?  Looking for information regarding my writing, painting, or other projects? I am documenting my process of working to get my work ‘out there’ and received! Enjoy the art that’s offered here, and listen to some inspiring music while doing so!

          –If you’re interested in intuitive guidance and astrology, you’ll enjoy     this section featuring my Intuitive Guidance / Life Navigation Services,

–If you’re looking for healing or inspiring words regarding my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, please look at this page detailing it and my RV Empath Instagram. cancer experience and my new-found love of comedy

–Are you interested in travel, off-grid living and/or RV’sCheck out this page about full-time RV’ing with my video game music composer husband, in which we detail our wanderings as RV’ers and give insight into RV life. We’re now entering a new phase of building a homestead on an off-grid property, which is quite exciting!

          –Are you interested in reading informative and transformative writings about all of these topics?  Please read my posts covering such topics as meeting my exciting (and, yes) challenging goals while staying inspired and balanced as best I can through it all.